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Video Production Services

We are modernising and improving the energy sector videos while elevating company brands.

Why we are different

Our interest goes beyond video production, we are on a mission to create the best, marketing, training and educational products the energy industry has ever seen! We are interested in your company, your services, your values, your jobs and the relationships we build with you.

Our videographers are not only top quality film makers, they have natural talents that make your team feel at ease on camera. Building genuine relationships and the assurance that we make people look fantastic is the key to bringing out people’s natural charisma on camera.  

Experienced in high pressure offshore environments our team work safely, respectfully and never get in the way. 

If you haven’t worked with us yet, we look forward to impressing you. 

A collage of Photographs showing various members of the video production company team. With some members offshore on filming campaigns and also a team photograph.

Videos we have produced

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Videography services we provide

We provide a variety of video production services with a full video editing service including; offshore oil/gas, offshore wind, industrial location filming, drone videography and interview videography either on site or in our studio.

Certifications & qualifications

Our videographers have Higher National Degrees in TV and film-making with industry qualifications including BOSIET, OGUK medicals and GWO BST certification suitable for covering both offshore oil/gas locations and offshore wind farms. 

Our team regularly mobilise to offshore and onshore locations both nationally and internationally.

Drone videography certifications

Our team have the following licences and certifications for operating videography drones: 

Offshore certification

Videography qualifications

Client Feedback

Energy Insider produced fantastic videos and marketing material on the Hywind Tampen Project. The guys are easy to work with and the videos they delivered far exceeded expectations.


While on-site with you our team will take photographs throughout videography campaigns.

Our photographs have been featured in conferences, presentations and have even been printed and hung in offices in different energy industry organisations (with client’s approval). See below photograph examples from one of our fantastic clients, DOF. 

Photography - People

Photographs of energy industry people offshore and onshore. Photographs taken by videography team

Photography - Assets

Photographs of offshore vessels towing floating wind turbines and performing construction operations. Taken by energy insider videography team

Aberdeen Based Videography Team

Our team are based in Aberdeen Scotland, with an office in the city centre and a studio in Horizon House on Waterloo Quay. 

We work with local, national and international clients, our team mobilise from Aberdeen to your project or worksite. 

4 team members sitting in the energy insider company videography studio Aberdeen.

Energy Insider Studio

The Energy Insider studio is located at Horizon House, 81-83 Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen. 

Drone Videography

Drone videography has emerged as a powerful and transformative tool in the field of visual storytelling.

The ability to capture breathtaking aerial views not only adds a cinematic quality to videos but also provides a fresh and dynamic dimension to storytelling and is why we always bring our drones with us when filming at client locations and is included as part of our videography service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have videographers with BOSIET, OGUK medicals and GWO certificates to film offshore?
Yes, our team is fully certified to perform offshore filming activities

Do you perform drone videography?
Yes, we have videography drones and fully qualified drone operators for both UK and EU. 

Can you record interviews on our site as it may be difficult to get our team to the Studio? 
Yes, no problem, our team will bring studio lighting and equipment to your worksite. 

Who owns the copyright to the videos and photographs produced?
Energy Insider holds the copyrights to the media produced. We can transfer the copyright to you. 

Do you produce animated illustrations? 
Yes, we have digital design and animated illustrations capabilities in-house. 

What is the timeline from filming to forming a completed video that we can use? 
After filming in the studio and we have all the required footage, we will deliver a completed video(s) and photographs within 5 weeks. Photographs we have always delivered within 1 week of the filming campaign, the videos will be deliver faster if we know you need them quickly. 

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