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Our Story

A pivotal moment in the Energy Insider origin story is when Murray Duguid (Founder), an engineer in the offshore energy industry was attempting to ‘transition’ from oil/gas to the offshore wind.

He was frustrated by the lack of easily information about the different job roles. 

Eventually after using some connections Murray arrived on an offshore wind project for the first time. There were a variety of different activities, tasks and services that he hadn’t seen before, all of them specialised and interesting in their own way. 

There was however one common problem; all companies there had a shortage of workers. 

This was strange because Murray knew many skilled and experienced people from oil and gas that would love to work on a project like this, if they only knew these jobs existed. 

If companies were looking for people and people were looking for jobs. Why are they not finding each other? 

Murray Duguid founder of energy insider in a helicopter wearing an offshore survival suit
Murray Duguid a few years younger 🙂
Murray Duguid standing in a small stage infront of a screen giving a presentation
Murray pitching the concept at the Net Zero Technology Centre in Aberdeen 2022

How can we help workers discover or learn about different jobs? 

To understand job roles, you really need to have some context, or industry awareness, the energy sector is so specialised that it’s hard to understand jobs without the context behind it. Reading about it isn’t enough, you really need to see it.

What if we could capture the required information on a video, or a series of videos… If we could create videos where experienced workers describe their part of the industry and the related job roles, using video footage and illustrations to bring it to life. That would be perfect! 


This would create a menu of jobs and an industry awareness product that would help guide skilled workers and young people to jobs that fits their skills and interests. [See Education the Next Generation for careers content for young people]

Additionally it would create the best industry awareness product on the market! Which would be incredibly useful for anyone involved in energy and the energy transition.

That is how Energy Insider was born! Starting on a journey which led to building a video production services company and team to support the vision. 

The plan is to work with the best, most innovative and forward thinking companies in the energy industry who are proud to showcase their company as leading authorities for what they do. 

To do that Murray recruited an exceptional team and now Energy Insider is leading the way, creating awareness videos on the energy industry while providing superior branding and marketing products for our clients.

A collage of Photographs showing various members of the video production company team. With some members offshore on filming campaigns and also a team photograph.

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