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We are modernising and improving the energy sector learning experience while elevating company brands.

Through our videos we focus on providing a superior experience for viewers and exceptional branding for the companies and individuals involved. 

Our style: Engaging, exciting, and visually attractive. 
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Educating The Next Generation

Introducing our flagship initiative, “Educating The Next Generation,” this project represents a steadfast, long-term commitment. With the invaluable support of industry collaborators, we are poised to revolutionise career resources, thus fortifying the talent pipeline within the energy industry.

Our team have partnered with local organisations to address this challenge. With Educating The Next Generation project we enhance and modernise available resources for young people entering the world of work, helping them better understand the different career opportunities in energy.

Client Feedback

Energy Insider produced fantastic videos and marketing material on the Hywind Tampen Project. The guys are easy to work with and the videos they delivered far exceeded expectations.

The Vision

The vision is to create a holistic energy industry and careers awareness platform, providing video awareness lessons on different aspects of energy industry including offshore wind, oil/gas, carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS), hydrogen and solar. 

Why it's useful for you

You can access information that is typically hard to obtain or discover, all in one convenient online location. Our content is delivered in bite-sized lessons, carefully curated to offer an outstanding learning experience.

Each lesson is enriched with project video footage and illustrated animations, designed to facilitate quick and effective learning. 

Our video library consists of two main categories: videos covering various facets of the energy industry, offering insights into equipment, assets, operations, tasks, problems, and solutions, as well as videos focusing on specific career opportunities within the industry.

Who is this for?

A product that can be used worldwide to provide value to the following groups: 

  1. Providing a menu of jobs for young people and skilled workers, helping them to find energy jobs that fit their skills and interests.
  2. To help oil/gas workers transition from redundant oil/gas jobs and find related energy careers that fit their skills and experience.
  3. Providing energy professionals a fast and effective way to build their knowledge and awareness of different aspects of the energy industry.
  4. To help energy industry companies attract talent and provide a useful awareness training product for their new and existing employees.

Taught by industry professionals

An important element of the platform is having authoritative companies and their experienced professionals delivering insights into their specific area of expertise, delivering presentations using video footage and illustrated animations to give the viewer a full understanding. 

Companies can effectively showcase their services and brand on our platform, gaining visibility, credibility, and business opportunities.

See the below example, this video is part of a 15 min lesson on the tow and mooring installation of floating wind turbines. 

Translating the industry jargon

In the energy industry, there is an abundance of specialised jargon and acronyms. Through our lessons, we simplify this sector-specific language, ensuring that viewers with varying levels of technical expertise can easily understand and stay engaged without feeling overwhelmed or left behind.

Energy jobs

Once a specifc area of the energy industry has been presented and described, we interview several team members from a collaborating company to describe their job roles, again using video footage and animated illustrations to provide a full understanding of their role, what equipment may be used, the skills involved and any qualifications needed. 

The collaborating company stands to gain significant advantages from the production of career videos, as it will enhance their employer brand and effectively promote their job roles to potential recruits. Alongside this support, our team will furnish marketing materials such as video trailers, spotlighting their commitment to fostering skills and attracting the future workforce.

See the trailer below to see an example of styling, this particular video series was created for schools and colleges.  

Summary of benefits

Showcase your services, equipment and technology.

Elevate your brand, promoting your company and job roles to potential recruits.

Create marketing material 
We have an exceptional video production and photography team, we are able to deliver marketing material for your company as part of our collaboration.

We help you support skills development and attract the future workforce. We will also create marketing material including video trailers to showcase your efforts and support. 

Elevating your people
You can shine a spotlight on your employees and enhance their reputation. 

Media training/practice
Your people will gain valuable experience on camera in controlled environment. Our team will make you look fantastic and provide an enjoyable environment to make your people feel at ease on camera. 

Timeline - How long until product release

We are currently planning the oil/gas decommissioning section with an expected release in Q3/Q4 of 2024.

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Attracting the Next Generation

Due to the energy industry experiencing a diminishing workforce pipeline amid a rising demand, it quickly became apparent that a menu of engaging videos on energy careers would be extremely useful to help guide and attract young people to peruse careers in the energy industry. With this in mind our team are even more determined to shine an attractive light on the energy industry.

Schools Colleges and Universities (Local)

Our goal, with support from industry partners is to distribute careers content to schools, colleges and universities in the North East of Scotland and the industry awareness + careers content to the engineering departments at Universities across Scotland. 

Education and Curriculum Integration

Energy Insider have a strategic approach to creating content to fit into important frameworks, for example: Energy Sector Framework with DYW and skills classification frameworks with Skills Development Scotland. 

Reference - DYW

“Energy Insider’s digital platform will help young people gain an understanding of what the transition means for them in terms of future careers”

Energy Insider Studio

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Our studio is located at Horizon House, 81-83 Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen. 

If you would like to arrange a tour and to meet the team to discuss what we can do for you, please use this link below to book a time.

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