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Part 1: Offshore Wind Farm Development

Using real footage from operations and jobs to give you an immersive experience, learning the operations that not many people have had the opportunity to see.

Learn about offshore wind farm development and the job opportunities within it.

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The largest renewable energy projects in the world

Learn what is involved, the operations, technology and job opportunities.

Industry experience at your fingertips

Build experience from industry professionals who walk you through the operations and explain job roles using the footage taken on-site or in the field.

Become more employable

The platform will help you increase your industry awareness and gain insights into different aspects of the renewable energy supply chain, processes and technologies. This information will help you be more valuable to potential employers.

Get in early!

The renewable energy revolution is creating exciting new jobs. Not only do the renewable energy companies need more workers, it is a huge opportunity for those workers that gain experience early to become the most in-demand in the near future.

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For Aspiring Professionals

To help the future energy workforce gain specific knowledge about the industry increasing employability and awareness of jobs.

Amount of work ahead of us

On the left you can see the amount of vessel days needed for planned floating wind turbine installation over the next decade. This graph puts it in perspective how much work is ahead of us.

Oil / gas workers

Oil and gas workers are extremely valuable due to their transferable skill sets. The difficulty is knowing where the jobs are that require those skills. The platform is designed to help you do that!

Murray Duguid founder of energy insider in a helicopter wearing an offshore survival suit

Learn everything that is involved in offshore wind farm development

Companies on the Platform

The companies show on the platform are carefully selected as authorities in their respective service areas.

Understand the Operations

We use video footage of operations, animations and explanations from experienced industry professionals to give you insights of what is involved in offshore wind farm development.

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